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So, I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to talk about first on my blog. There are always so many things that are catching my attention, but for this post I settled on writing a little bit more about myself so that you can understand my philosophies and passions and set the tone for the rest of the posts.

Where to begin…

I have always been the kind of person that wants to pursue as many different possibilities as I can. However, being strong in my convictions no matter how often those convictions may change, when I have decided to travel a certain way, I am all-in regardless of how long I think it may last. Some people may find this flip-floppy, to me it is more evolution.

I may have thought that at one point at time I wanted to go to culinary school, but then I took a culinary class and a business class during the same semester in high school and I took business classes for remainder of my years. Eventually, I graduated from college with a degree in Business and Public Policy. The first two years of college, I attended Young Harris College in Georgia. Then, I did a year at Eastern Connecticut State University before I decided I was fed up with school after fighting with everyone at Eastern about my transfer credits (they literally made me lose a year and half of schooling) so I took a year and a half off.

In that year and a half, I worked my ass off for more than half a year and then took off on my

dream trip, a four month-backpacking excursion to Dubai, southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Once I was home, I took a few months to compose myself after a couple months of hard depression following such an incredible experience then I was BACK to Georgia. After doing some calculations at a library in Caines (Australia) regarding my credits at Eastern

versus my credits at Young Harris, I realized I could either go back to Eastern for a year and a half, or return to my second home in the mountains for only ONE semester. Obviously, option B was the way to go and I packed up my little Chevy and made my trip down to Georgia one last time. After four months of a packed schedule plus working, I emerged graduated having gone to school for only three and a half years over a time span of 5, with a paper in the works of being published.

After I made it back to Connecticut, I hit the ground running taking over the operations in the family business, working alongside my dad, mom and brother to continue to make our two businesses successful. I now happily live in Hartford, and in the last year I have gotten to this point…attempting to launch another phase of my life with M.L. Enders Design. Graphic design and marketing has always been something I had a knack for, and I decided it was time that I start honing that talent and making it work.

That is a lot of things to happen in the past seven or eight years (!), and while it may have seemed random to others I would not have made any decision differently. At every point in time, I asked myself what I wanted and what I needed most, and I did my best to provide that for myself. With the help of my parents, my brother, my family, friends and boyfriend I have created a life for myself where I do not hold back, I do not hesitate, and I take that jump when I can. Because, honestly there is nothing more thrilling than flying and if you don’t take the chance, there is no one behind you to give you that push. While people in your life can help you to the next step, you ultimately take the first. With that in mind, I wake up every day asking myself what is going to be new, what I am still learning, and what I can move on from.

If it sounds like I am bragging, that is because I am incredibly proud of the progress I have made and the things I have accomplished in the almost-24 years of my life. It wasn’t easy leaving my home in Connecticut when I was 18 to live 15 hours away in Georgia. It wasn’t easy making the decision to come home to Connecticut and go to school at Eastern, only to find out that even though I was supposed to graduate in three years from Young Harris, Eastern was insisting it would take me four and half. It wasn’t easy working 50-60 hours/week during the summer and fall of 2015 so that I could fund my world trip. It definitely wasn’t easy living on a crumb budget with nothing but a backpack and the hopes everything would turn out okay half way around the world. And it certainly wasn’t easy maintaining a high GPA while taking 5 classes (two of which were independent studies), writing an incredibly complex senior thesis with two others in my class, AND working to make sure I could pay rent in one jam-packed semester.

While it wasn’t easy, it was perfect. It was perfect to learn, to grow, to meet new people, to understand myself more and find out what my boundaries were. Now I know, I don’t really have boundaries, I have endless possibilities as long as I put my mind to it. By no means am I saying I know it all. I hope to never know it all, because then that would mean I would have nothing new to learn. I am at a point in life where I am settling into myself, understanding myself more than ever before and while it continues to get easier, I continue to make big decisions and continue to push myself. Now, I just do it with a little more confidence, a little more willingness and a whole lot more on my side.

What I hope to accomplish with this blog is to encourage others to adventure, to explore, learn and evolve. You can make your life what you want as long as you are strong in your convictions and you make decisions best for YOU and no one else. I hope to provide some inspiration, start some conversations and get some people moving. It is more fun to dance anyways, so let’s do it together.


*Thanks to Amelia Ingraham for the

boss-lady pics. Part of my excuse for writing this was so that I could use them. :D Click on her name to fall down into the rabbit hole of her surreal creativity.

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