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Updated: Jan 4, 2019

Every year, something that irks me is the saying “New year, new you”. I understand the sentiment, but to me it diminishes life up until that point and takes away the fact that we grow and change every year, not start from new. Some of you may consider this nitpicking, but I felt the need to talk about it. So, let’s dig into this a little more…

It is something that we all see, everyone posting about how this year is going to be different and how you are ready for a “new” you. Then you see the other posts after the first of the year. All of the “well, already messed up, guess next year will be my year” or the inevitable “damn, 20** sucks already”. And don’t get me wrong, I get that the internet is full of sarcasm and joking, but you really do see this type of mentality get into people’s heads and you see people get caught in the same cycle every year. They think that to improve as a person they must forget who they were before and reinvent the wheel.

But that’s the thing, over the thousands of years a wheel has been in existence humans haven’t improved it by starting over. We kept making it better by adding to what we already knew about a wheel and making changes and improvements to make it more effective and more efficient. This has been the case throughout history. Even the phone in your hand, whether it be iPhone or Android, is probably on some high number of a generation, because every year they release something that is improved from the year before, but the fundamentals and all the good things the phones possessed carried on.

Not to compare humans to objects, but really, if the people making these things have faith in the product they are making…why can’t you have faith in yourself?? Why can’t you have faith that every year has contributed to the better person you are trying to be, no matter what kind of trial or tribulation you experienced. Even if you had setbacks, that does not mean that you were necessarily doing something wrong, as long as you realize that knowledge in every situation is power. Sometimes, you do not know what you can handle until you are faced with a challenge, and when you get through it and overcome you realize your potential in a greater way than if your life went exactly according to plan every step of the way.

So, look forward to this year because it is another day. Another day in your life to learn, to grow, and to progress. Because last year you didn’t read that book you might read this year, or listened to that podcast you never heard, or you never visited that place you will travel to. Every year is filled with new experiences and opportunities, but these do not make you a new you. They make you a more evolved, a more understanding, a more passionate you.

For 2019, I encourage you to stop measuring your life in years, it will go by far too quickly. Start thinking of every day as a chance to become more of the person you want to be, and a step in the journey that is life (sry, could not help it). Measure your life in the people you love, the success you have had, the failures that changed your life and the times you thought you wouldn’t be able to pick yourself up, but you did. If at the end of every year you want to reflect and think about everything that happened and look forward to what is to come, do that, and use it to live in the present and make each day your own. Remember where you came from, and what got you to this moment. Everything before this has prepared you for your next step in evolution, so do not start new, just keep going! You’re doing great, and things will get better. Just believe in yourself and do not stop living or waiting for the next year to make it happen!

As a little something extra I decided to make a Spotify playlist you can follow to get you excited for what is to come and to share some of my favorite jams. Follow the link and start listening!

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